Site Investigation & Remediation Chemical Fate & Transport
Aquifer Testing & Analysis Water Supply & Well Field Management
Groundwater Modeling  

Site Investigation &
Our hydrogeologists and environmental professionals excel in analyzing data at every stage of the Site Investigation and Site Remediation process. We interpret groundwater system data to develop accurate site conceptual models for even the most complex of hydrogeologic settings. From that base, we assist in the design of site sampling and analysis plans, analyze aquifer test data, and perform the modeling required to evaluate remediation strategies and designs.

Aquifer Testing &
McLane Environmental staff possesses a depth of experience in the design, implementation, and analysis of aquifer tests, pumping tests, and slug tests for characterizing aquifer properties. We have worked with public water suppliers to design and execute aquifer test programs at well field sites for the purpose of maximizing water production, while preserving the natural balance of surface water-groundwater interactions in ecologically sensitive areas, and in coastal areas where careful collection and analysis of aquifer data are key elements in understanding and mitigating the threat of saltwater intrusion.

Groundwater Modeling Our team of modelers has extensive experience utilizing industry accepted groundwater models, and model calibration and optimization software. We have successfully developed or reviewed numerous models for projects related to aquifer characterization, site remediation, water resources, regulatory compliance and environmental litigation. McLane Environmental staff is experienced in analyzing groundwater flow and chemical fate and transport processes using a spectrum of tools that ranges from simple screening models to sophisticated three-dimensional numerical models to simulate. We have applied these models to saturated and unsaturated flow problems, organic and inorganic chemical transport, vapor phase migration, saltwater intrusion and wellhead protection.

Chemical Fate &
Analysis of the fate and transport of chemicals in the subsurface is one of McLane Environmental's primary strengths. We analyze the movement of chemicals in the subsurface including leaching of chemicals from waste or soil, aquifer and surface water impacts from wastewater infiltration beds, salinity impacts in coastal regions, and plume migration at hazardous waste sites. Our staff has experience in conducting fate and transport analyses for regulatory compliance, litigation support, water resources management, and exposure and risk assessment for a variety of chemicals including metals, chlorinated solvents (CVOCs), MtBE, BTEX, pesticides, and perchlorate.

Water Supply &
Well Field Management
McLane Environmental has applied its expertise in groundwater hydrology to numerous well field projects in which we have provided a range of services including geologic data interpretation, aquifer test analysis, groundwater modeling, safe yield analyses, groundwater protection studies, saltwater intrusion mitigation analyses, and well field rehabilitation projects. Our analyses supply valuable information for decision makers at every stage of the process from site evaluation, to testing and permitting, daily operations and long range water supply planning.