McLane Environmental offers a wide range of geologic services for subsurface engineering and hydrogeologic projects including interpretation and analysis of logging and mapping data, geophysical surveys, research and evaluation of historical geologic information for a site, preparation of cross sections and other depictions of geologic information beneath a site or property, and evaluation of subsurface material properties. These analyses can be used by a site investigation and remediation project team, as part of a resource evaluation or site suitability study, or for submittal to a regulatory agency to meet permitting or compliance requirements.

Analysis Services Include:
  Borehole Logging
Monitoring Well Design
Geophysical Survey and Analysis
Geologic & Hydrostratigraphic Mapping
Geologic Cross Sections
3-D Geologic Data Visualization
Interpretation of Geologic Environments
Geologic Reports

Utilizing the latest geologic software, our team organizes, stores, and integrates subsurface data from a single phase of investigation or from multiple investigations over several decades at a site. These data are displayed using a variety of visualization products to prepare borehole logs, well construction diagrams, geologic cross sections, and 2-D and 3-D depictions of soil layers and geologic formations.

Geology is a key component of many environmental and engineering projects. Based on our decades of experience in interpreting data from complex geologic settings across the United States, McLane Environmental geoscientists have the expertise to prepare detailed and accurate geologic and hydrogeologic reports for projects including land use planning, development, construction, water supply, mining and resource management, and site remediation.