McLane Environmental employs geographic information system (GIS) and data visualization technology as an integral part of our projects to analyze and display spatial data that may include soil types, borehole data and geologic features, groundwater elevation or chemical concentration data, and computer modeling results. Graphical display of environmental data produces superior analyses, and conveys the results of those analyses in a format that is readily accessible and easily understood.

GIS and 3-D data visualization require sophisticated software utilizing high-speed computers coupled with extensive training and experience to properly render the data. Our analysts apply a wide array of geospatial data processing software and techniques that generate graphics in a number of output forms including Virtual Modeling Reality Language (VRML), 3-D animations, fly-through animations, and interactive internet-enabled maps.

We also provide data management services for large or small projects using desktop and server solutions. Queries and reports can be customized to facilitate data utilization for our clients and to meet state or federal regulatory reporting requirements.