Environmental engineering services are a core element of many projects including public and private civil engineering projects, land planning and land use studies, waste management and pollution prevention programs, and contaminated site remedial response actions. McLane Environmental engineers, scientists, and regulatory specialists provide services to and team with corporate and consulting engineering teams to provide solutions in the areas of:

  Waste Management & Pollution Prevention
Wastewater Engineering & Disposal
Site Remediation (CERCLA, RCRA)
Risk Assessment
Remedial Alternatives Analysis / Feasibility Studies (FS)
Interim Remedial Measures (IRM) Analyses
Remedial Design/ Remedial Action Plans (RD/RAP)
Bioremediation Analyses
Monitored Natural Attenuation (MNA) Evaluations
Environmental Assessments and Audits
Radioactive Waste Management
Air Pollution Engineering

Our staff has experience in providing engineering services for projects involving impacts to soil, groundwater, and surface water at sites including oil refineries, manufactured gas plants, pharmaceutical plants, transportation facilities, gasoline service stations, and military and energy facilities.