Recently, McLane Environmental has developed flexAEM, a system of tutorials, courses, and software tools that provide an introduction to analytic element method (AEM) groundwater flow modeling. To learn more about flexAEM offerings, please visit or take a look at our flexAEM blog. To learn more about AEM modeling, visit our AEM page.

McLane Environmental team members have also been involved in the instruction of short courses and seminars across the country on such topics as hydrogeology, groundwater modeling, exposure and risk assessment, and wellhead protection. Upcoming and recent short courses include the following:

Upcoming Courses: Rapid Design and Analysis of Groundwater Remediation Systems
Thursday, March 8, 2018

Approved in NJ for:
• 6.5 Technical LSRP CECs
• 6.5 Professional Engineer CECs

Approved in CT for:
• 7.5 Technical LEP CECs

Approved in MA for:
• 7 Technical LSP CECs

Introduction to Groundwater Modeling with the flexAEM System and AnAqSim
Coming Soon - Check back for announced dates

AnAqSim Short Course
Coming Soon - Check back for announced dates

Past Courses: Rapid Design and Analysis of Groundwater Remediation Systems
June 2017, September, and April 2016, November, May, and March, 2015, November 2014

Practical Applications in Hydrogeology
Short Course Presented Each May 2003 – 2017

ALI-ABA: Environmental Litigation
June 2008, June 2007

Environmental Forensics: Methods and Applications (NGWA)
June 2007, November and June 2006, July 2005

Remediation Innovative Technology Seminar: Monitoring and Optimization Tools (NAVFAC)
Spring 2004

Natural Attenuation, Risk Assessment, and Risk-Based Corrective Action (NGWA)
Fall Course 2002 through 2004

PC Applications in Groundwater Pollution and Hydrology (NGWA)
Spring and Fall each year 1994 through 2002

We are also available to provide seminars or webinars upon request on such topics as:

  • Environmental Forensics

• Natural Resource Damages

• Hydrogeologic Concepts for Non-Technical Professionals

• Groundwater Modeling Concepts and Applications

• Analytic Element Method for Rapid Model Development

• Contaminant Fate and Transport Processes and Modeling

• Exposure and Risk Assessment (including Monte Carlo Techniques)

• Environmental Geophysics for Site Investigation and Water Supply

• Monitored Natural Attenuation (MNA)

• Technical Impracticability Regulations and Applications

• Phytoremediation As a Component of a Groundwater Remedy

• Permeable Reactive Barrier Technology and Design Concepts

• Remedial System Evaluation and Optimization