McLane Environmental has assisted commercial and government clients with environmental compliance issues under federal, state, and local regulatory programs relating to soil and groundwater contamination, requirements for remedial response actions, and wastewater and water supply permitting requirements. Our data analysis skills and thorough understanding of relevant regulations allow us to develop and clearly present our findings and recommendations, leading to a streamlined and cost-effective compliance program.

The particular areas in which McLane Environmental can provide expertise include:

  Regulatory Compliance (RCRA, CERCLA, SARA, NEPA, VCP, NESHAP/MACT)
Permitting and Planning
Exposure & Risk Assessment (Human Health and Ecological)
Resource Evaluation
Receptor Studies
Classification Exception Area (CEA) Delineation
Environmental Risk Management

The planning, permitting and development of industrial, manufacturing, infrastructure, resource or construction projects requires exceptional management of a wide array of environmental, land use, economic, and community considerations. By working closely with land owners, regulators, and public groups, McLane Environmental is able to address water resource and environmental risk management issues to meet the requirements of the planning and permitting process.

McLane Environmental provides expertise for:

  Land Use Planning
Site Selection and Development
Real Estate Transfers and Environmental Site Assessments
Water Allocation / Water Diversion Permitting
Wastewater Discharge Design and Permitting
Wetland Delineation and Mitigation Design and Monitoring
Mine and Landfill Permitting
Environmental Impact Assessment
Natural Resource Management