Approach Strategic Services
Experience Technology Advantage

McLane Environmental is a premier provider of quantitative groundwater services including data analysis, GIS mapping, and groundwater modeling. We have worked for some of the largest corporations and law firms in the United States, but we are also proud of the services we have provided to smaller municipalities and organizations in developing solutions for their environmental and water resource projects.

Approach We help our clients by listening to their concerns and requirements, and then draw on our experience to develop a streamlined approach to address the project-specific issues.

McLane Environmental analysts employ an array of software and analysis techniques that have been selected and combined to speed the processing of data into usable information.

It is this approach that has led to many successful working relationships with Fortune 500 companies, law firms, federal and local government agencies, municipalities, and nonprofit organizations throughout the United States.

Experience Our staff is comprised of highly-trained and experienced geologists and environmental scientists. Senior staff members of our firm have been selected because of their unique balance of field-oriented and computational skills.

While our experience spans a broad spectrum of environmental activities, the main focus of our practice has been on addressing issues related to groundwater contamination and water resources planning and management.

Our expertise in environmental regulations and groundwater modeling, coupled with our experience in a range of environmental litigation matters, has resulted in corporations and law firms nationwide seeking our assistance in hundreds of complex groundwater projects, cases, and consulting engagements.

Strategic Services Given the complex regulatory framework under which companies must operate, the demands for sustainable water supplies placed on municipalities by continuing growth, and the continuing number of legal actions being processed, there is a strong need for consulting services that go beyond simply investigating and remediating environmental contamination. Clients and their counsel require accurately synthesized and clearly presented information upon which to base management decisions and legal strategies.

We have assembled a group of professionals who are capable of analyzing complex technical issues in the context of regulatory actions, permitting requirements, or litigation. Our ability to efficiently assimilate and interpret the available information, and clearly communicate the most viable set of strategic options, allows us to effectively assist our clients in meeting their objectives.

Technology Advantage At McLane Environmental, a key component of our problem-solving skills is the ability to incorporate the latest technology to aid in the handling, interpretation, and presentation of data and information.

These computational and data display tools enable us to achieve results efficiently, to present the results effectively to diverse audiences, and to add a new level of value to the data in which our clients have already invested.

Our computer-based technical resources include software for:

Groundwater flow and contaminant transport models
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
3D visualization
Data driven static and animated graphics
Soil zone flow and chemical transport
Risk assessment
Monte Carlo uncertainty analysis